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Pegler Speaks His Mind By WESTBROOK PEGLER PEGLER NEW YORK, July 19 The Rev. James M. Gillis, a priest of the Paulist Order, greatly devoted to the personal and spiritual welfare of Negroes on the west side, is a courageous editorialist who has often put himself on the right but unpopular side of important issues in recent years. In some such cases I have joined joined him and have found it more satisfactory to be in his company, one of a corporal's corporal's guard, than to be a member of a howling, cowardly mob. I am sadly amused by hullabaloo hullabaloo raised by crass professionals professionals for the pro tection of "minority groups" who, in the United States, enjoy more right, respect and, not "tolerance," but affection, from the rest of the people than they ever had anywhere anywhere else in the world. And incomparably incomparably greater comfort and opportunity than the American Negro who has been "native" for more generations than any other group except the Indians. It is necessary in all such professional exploitations of dormant differences differences to create Mardi Gras monsters so as to maintain an illusion of bigotry and a fear of impending persecution. They burn their own fiery crosses to keep the clients of their solicitude frightened and ever-ready ever-ready ever-ready to put up money for their salaries. As I have said. Bather Gillis suffers suffers over the physical squalor of the Negroes in his neighborhood. I have walked there with him and the pleasant greetings and acknowledgements acknowledgements on the sidewalks and from doorways reveal a mutual sensitive feeling that I can't describe. describe. There are some who pretend to believe that they elevate the Negroes by taking some prosperous individual to dinner at a prominent place. Many Negroes and white citizens citizens have let themselves forget that the Roosevelts' housekeeper during the long regime wrote that Eleanor eliminated the white servants servants and installed a Jim Crow policy whereas the Herbert Hoovers drew, no color line. What good would you do the Negro in his teeming, strident slum in Harlem or on Father Gillis' own San Juan Hill by taking some well-paid well-paid well-paid dancer, politician or boogy-woogy boogy-woogy boogy-woogy musician to pick at a filet mingon in "21." What would that prove except that you were a show-off, show-off, show-off, inviting publicity? Recently,. Father Gillis took up the subject of the hounding of selected selected organizations by the Buchanan Buchanan committee of Congress which has a mandate to investigate persons persons and societies who try to "promote "promote or retard legislation." Mr. Buchanan soon learned that he had a bear by the tail. He purposely overlooked certain societies which cry out against "discrimination" . and warn of "persecution," as they have a legal right to, but which deem it necessary to create hateful prejudice against individuals who refuse to accept their arbitrary judgments against individuals, candidates candidates and political propositions. In executive session, he and Charlie Halleck, of Indiana, one of the Republican minority, and John Rankin, Mississippi, a Democrat, fell into jovial colloquy and decided decided to ignore all religious groups. t Buchanan had been criticized for overlooking one of the most aggressive aggressive examples and Halleck said that if they went into that one there would be a yell for inquiry into Catholic political activity. And both put it to Rankin that this would lead them to Baptist activity. There are many Baptists in Mississippi. Mississippi. So they followed the line of least difficulty and picked on outfits outfits which disdain to put religious Insignia and profess to be consecrated consecrated to the constitution. s Father Gillis wrote that he agreed with Albert Jay Nock that the most dangerous and potentially the most successful enemies of our original and traditional form of government are not in Moscow but in Washington. He was referring to the New Deal and the Fair Deal and their Communist and Marxian proteges in government. "The bonafide patriot," he wrote, "loves his country so much that he will not permit even its defenders to destroy it. "Perhaps for years I have been the recipient of communications from the committee for constitutional constitutional government. It sends out pamphlets pamphlets and sometimes books in defense defense of American liberties. What I have read seems to me as genuinely American as the Declaration of Independence. Independence. But now it seems that the administration in Washington has come down on the committee with an inquisition which seems to me a violation of a basic American right: and the right to argue, to persuade persuade one's fellow Americans to join in a protest against the trend toward excessive interference of the state in the affairs of the citizen. citizen. "The ostensible purpose is to investigate investigate expenditures relating to any attempt to influence directly or indirectly the passage or defeat of any federal legislation.' "That wording might include hundreds of pieces which I have written. I am exercising my right as a citizen to communicate an opinion to others and to ask them to join with me in opposing the encroachments encroachments of big government upon upon our individual liberties." Father Gillis said he might be regarded regarded as a lobbyist because he had recently commended a book of facts, figures and arguments crying out that our government was following following the road which Great Britain Britain is treading to its ruin. Yet this committee for constitutional constitutional government has been vilified in the most abusive language and Dr. Edward A. Rumeley, its executive executive secretary, has been branded a "hate-monger" "hate-monger" "hate-monger" by radio and in print by a notorious professional hate-monger. hate-monger. hate-monger. I confess that I have had no opportunity to read this committee's literature but I am Winchell In New York The Cinema gicians: Dana n-drews n-drews n-drews and Gene Tierney give "Where the Sidewalk Ends" its gamut power . . . "The Good Humor Man" has Jack Carson offering offering some tutti-fruitti tutti-fruitti tutti-fruitti buffoonery, but many of the quips have frozen beards . . . "The Eagle and the Hawk" shows John Payne and his six-shooter six-shooter six-shooter being mowed down by Rhonda Fleming's ex-shooting ex-shooting ex-shooting . . . "Marshal of Heldorado" its hardly worth a polished insult. j The Airistocrats: "Correspond dents' Scratchpad (CBS) is a welcome welcome item. The newsmen submit behind - the - scenes information which helps you decipher the jigsaw jigsaw of current events ... A. Godfrey's Wednesday nlghter was one of his aces . . . Joan Davis, a superior femmedian. was heading heading the Hooper only 3 years ago. Today she is a Summer replacement replacement . . . The midnight jive caca-phony caca-phony caca-phony on some stations sounds like a jukebox calling its mate. You can get better music dropping a set of dishes . . . The Hit Parade is better on radio than on teevy . . . Another addition to Girle-vision Girle-vision Girle-vision is a blond charmer named Marion Carter. Reminds you of Jean Harlow . . . Have you heard the recording. 'Pudgy, the Whistling Whistling Piggy"? Don't. Sometimes we wonder whether editorialists, read their front pages For example: Several opinion-makers opinion-makers opinion-makers finally confessed that the Communist atrocity in Korea convinced convinced them Russia is a criminal aggressor intent on world conquest Incredibly enough, it took the Korean war to convince them, albeit albeit Russia's rape list includes China, Poland. Romania. Finland. EstorHa. Latvia, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. sure that Father James M. Gillis is not so naive as to have been deceived deceived nor so evil as to endorse any message inciting men to hate their fellow man. Interpreting World News By DeWTTT MacKENZIF. foreign Affair Analyst We can crush Red aggression in Korea and other parts of Asia by force of arms, but we shall have failed of our real purpose unless we also demonstrate to the underprivileged underprivileged millions that our democracy democracy better meets their needs than does Communism. For after all, this is an ideological war we are fighting, although that fact sometimes gets obscured in the smoke of military strife. Of course the western world on the whole recognizes the totalitarian evils of Communism. We know that it aims at fierce regimentation of the people. However, the primitive masses of Asia, who are treadirlg the paths their ancestors trod centuries ago, don't know what the Red ism really means. They only know what Bolshevist Bolshevist agents tell them: That Communism Communism is the savior of downtrodden downtrodden humanity, that it will - take lands from the rich and give to the poor, that it will heap their tables with plenty. These specious promises are fascinating fascinating to underprivileged folk. I've spent a lot of time in the Orient and can tell you from personal personal observation that there are in that part of the world untold millions millions of peasants who. never know anything" but hunger. Naturally they think with their bellies. . And broadly speaking it is on this basis that the ideological ideological approach must be made to them. They want to know what democracy democracy will do to improve their lowly lives. Let's take a specific example China, which currently is under control of a Communist government, government, and previously was ruled by Chiang Kai-Shek's Kai-Shek's Kai-Shek's Nationalist regime. . And here let it be pointed out that regimentation doesn't mean popular support. The fact that the people formerly obeyed the Nationalist Nationalist government, and now obey the Red regime, doesn't necessarily necessarily mean that they approve of either. As a matter of fact the ordinary people never have participated in their governments. Asia as a whole is just starting out in political education. education. The usual attitude ts one of sufferance. The rank and file accept what fate hands them but their loyalty will go to the ideology which gives them the better things of life. China with its 500,000.000 people has offered Communism a great field. Most of this huge population lives by farming, and the number of people is too big in relation to the land available. Generally speaking the farms are less than two acres in size, and these are worked by hand rather than with mechanical equipment. Even at the best such little farms couldn't produce much, but that is only part of the Chinese peasant's burden. He has been loaded down with taxation, exacted not only by the provincial government but by the war lords in control of his part of the country. Some of the war lords have been taking as high as 75 per cent of the peasant's livelihood, in cash or in crops. Communism has met this situation situation by promising a redistribution to land; rule by the proletariat; and national sovereignty. Those aie fine phrases and are likely to cav-h cav-h cav-h on, until the comman man finds out that he has ben bilked when it may be too late for him to ef a change. f V So democracy must back its iJleo, logical campaign in Asia with von- von- " crete programs for a new wprM. And naturally this will mean continuation continuation of the material help ; which the western world already is giving the Orient t

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